What is a Bridal Makeup Artist & Stylist?

Rest assured you are in the very best of hands at Champagne & China Cups when it comes to your bridal experience.  At Champagne & China Cups Principal Artist and Owner Debra Kelly strives to collaborate with clients, photographers, wedding planners, florists etc to make sure your wedding day comes together the very best way possible. It’s for this reason we offer a Stylist service because we really do strive for you to have the smoothest possible day.  Your makeup is our main focus and there is no rush during trials when we are trying to figure out the best colours and techniques to suit your features and most certainly on your wedding day, your makeup service should be a calm and pleasurable experience. We pride ourselves on offering a service that goes beyond your regular makeup trial.  Bridal makeup artistry is only a small portion of what we do at Champagne & China Cups, when you book us for the stylist service you will receive the ultimate finishing touches. We take care of all the little things plus a whole lot more and stay for the entire day if you need us. 

Why do I need a trial?

It’s always a privilege and pleasure when a bride decides to hire Champagne & China Cups for their day and a trial is necessary to book your hair and makeup service.  Your trial is an opportunity for both of us to get to know each other, gain confidence and feel comfortable in our ability to look after you on one of your most eventful moments in life. 

During your trial we will discuss and create your personalised profile taking into account  details such as your skin and hair, right down to your wedding style, dress, flowers, wedding party, colour palette, location and so much more. Most of all, a trial eliminates stress and guesswork.  Together we have the opportunity to openly communicate all of your needs and we can offer  professional recommendations to enhance and make your experience the best it can be. 

Do I really need to come to your studio?

Right now your wedding day is the most important thing to us, so why compromise!  The  studio is set up  perfectly with all the tools and lighting to emmulate day and night lighting so you can see exactly what your makeup will look like.  So for this reason we highly recommend you make the time in our studio to experience the Champagne & China Cups service and everything it has to offer.  If there is a reason that you cannot come for your in studio experience then we will come to your nominated location however, travel fees will incur. The drive through the Dandenong Ranges are beautiful, all year round and worth the trip.  Trials typically are conducted on weekdays during daylight hours so you have a true sense of how your makeup will appear on the day. Weekends are possible but limited as you can imagine thats when most weddings are being held.

What are the experiences you offer?

Your day is the most important thing to you right now and we strive to give you the very best your budget allows so for this reason our services are always individual and catered specifically for you, thats why there is no price listed on our tailored packages. No service is alike as every bride is different and unique. So no matter the type of wedding your having or where it is there is always a package on offer. Our tailored packages aim to spoil you and have every hiccup covered before it even happens, we consider it a honour and our duty to take the very best of care on your day. So, no matter if you need services for half, full day or entire weekend  here at Champagne and China Cups we are ready to deliver with our Opulence, Grandeur and Indulgence packages. A la Carte (individual) services are availble upon request and conditions apply with a minimum booking of four services.

So why should I book for the day?

Imagine your very own fairy godmother on your wedding day to look after you and take most of the worry away…..the actual day of the wedding is often filled with the bride feeling excited, anxious, tired, nervous, so many mixed feelings. We will be with you every step to make sure your hydrated, nourished and kept calm and keep things moving smoothly with the makeup, hair, photography timeline. Champagne & China Cups is there to help you dress and change should you wish, touch up your makeup, fluff your dress, follow you to the church and make sure every detail is perfect.  We will work with the photographer and follow you for your destination pictures and will have you and your bridal party camera ready and perfect. We have seen so many brides regret not bringing their makeup artist on location and devastated that their hair and makeup was ruined due to a gust of wind, rain or the day was so hot your skin is sweaty and the makeup is not looking it’s best.  After all, we have no control over the weather but we do with your hair and makeup.  Your lipstick will be touched up, your nose powdered and any hair stray hairs will be fixed. So yes, we are truely your personal fairy godmother for the day and then we subtly leave when the time is right. 

But what about...........?

We can’t tell you how many potential brides have asked us “what about my sensitive skin”…”what about the products you use?”…”should I spray tan the day before”..”can I have a facial a week before the wedding”..and the list goes on. All those nitty gritty questions you have the opportunity to ask and discuss over the trial consultation, we really do take the time to make sure your absolutely confidant and comfortable in our abilities and you are sent home with a bridal package with tips, tricks and a timeline of all the things you can do to prepare yourself for your big day, some of these things begin as early as 12 months before your day.

I dont see many real brides on your website?

To be perfectly honest most of my brides request there images to be kept private and I must respect there decision.  Also I choose to represent my work as a makeup artist, so you will often see images of a bride wearing the same thing but will have variations in her makeup showcasing different colour palettes and looks.  I dont want my potential bride to be distracted by the pretty dress or veil.  I want my potential bride to say I want that look or that one. If you go to the testimonial page you can see some real brides and clients on their day.

Why are you called Champagne and China Cups?

Now who doesnt love a glass of bubbles or a delicious cup of tea in a delicate china cup?  These are two of Debra’s favourite indulgences in life and when you book a full service , Debra will gift you a choice of her favourite bottle of bubbles or tea, you choose.